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There were many criteria that needed to be met if we were to find the right place and Sawrey House met all of them.  On completion and exchange of contracts we began the 8 week refurbishment of the hotel.  Up-dating and refurbishing 11 bedrooms, bar, lounge and restaurant in that time scale was a real achievement, but the excitment and enthusiasm of working for ourselves motivated us through it.

In April 2009, fed up with the constant pressures of large corporate companies and what we felt was the continued lack of customer service focus, we got together and decided to do it ourselves.  We started looking for a hotel/restaurant in the north west and approached several commercial estate agents to help us.  After months of looking at unsuitable venues we were about to give up the search when details of Sawrey House emerged.  

Owning and operating a small hotel company in the Lake District brings with it lots of responsibilities and challenges.  We closely looked at our environmental impact after our first year trading and made some big changes.  We moved to recycling as much refuse as possible and today we recycle or compost at least 95% of our waste.  All lightbulbs are energy effecient and we have a water management system in place to manage water useage within the business.  We are also fitting secondary glazing in all our rooms and trying to reduce our energy comsumption.

Our Story...

Our passion is to deliver friendly, personal service in a warm, welcoming and quality environment.  We believe our guests are the most important people within our business and we train our staff to deliver the high standards you would expect in a 4*  hotel but without the 4* price!  We believe in delivering 'genuine hospitality' not the robotic service that you get in larger establishments and we aim to deliver 100% satisfaction for all our guests.  As a small independent hotel, we are able to cater for our guests needs better by interacting with them and enpowering all our team members to make the guests' stay with us as special as we can.

As a conscienteous and considerate company we also look at the bigger picture and have some core beliefs.  We use Fair Trade coffee and other Fair Trade related products for our hot beverages.  We use local ingredients as much as we can to reduce travel costs and work with our suppliers for less packaging on our products to help reduce our Carbon Footprint.  We also work with several charities to raise money for their causes. In the tea room we charge a minimal fee for a glass of tap water then double the amount raised every 6 months and donate that money to WaterAid. We also collect for local mountain rescue services who provide a worthy and very necessary service to all that venture out into our beautiful countryside.

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